Anti Ragging - Profile

                     Anti-ragging refers to the measures and policies implemented to prevent and address bullying, harassment, and hazing in educational institutions, particularly in colleges and universities. Anti-ragging measures collectively aim to create a safe and supportive learning environment, promoting positive interactions and fostering a sense of community within educational institutions. Aims to establish a zero-tolerance policy towards ragging in all its forms.



The vision of anti-ragging efforts is to create and maintain a safe, inclusive, and respectful educational environment where students can pursue their studies without fear of harassment, humiliation, or intimidation.


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  • To Adapt strategies to address emerging challenges and promote a proactive approach to prevent ragging
  • To prevent, address, and eliminate the practice of ragging in educational institutions.
  • To ensure the physical and psychological safety of students within the educational institution.
  • To implement and enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards ragging.
  • To provide effective and confidential mechanisms for reporting ragging incidents.
  • Addressing the emotional and psychological impact of ragging, promoting healing and positive behavioral changes.
  • To foster an inclusive and diverse campus culture that promotes positive relationships among students.