Attainment of COs

After completion of the graduation, the student is expected to attain the program outcomes and course outcomes. The course outcome assessment is based on internal examinations and Semester end examinations.

  1. The assessment of internal examination is carried out twice in a semester. Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) is followed for each and every internal examination for attaining the course outcomes.
  2. Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) is introduced from the 2021-22 academic year (Mean of two Internal exams, Assignment, Seminar, Clean and Green which comprises 35, 5, 5, 5 marks, Total of 50M) which is scaled down to 30 marks. CIA is introduced for attaining the Course and program outcomes.
  3. External semester end examinations are conducted as the main criteria for assessing attainment of Course outcomes and programme outcomes of students. The descriptive examination pattern is used for attaining course outcomes and program outcomes.
  4. Each and every semester the student is assigned with course related work. The course assessment is done based on their performance.
  5. During the semester, the performance of the students in examinations is used to compute the level of direct attainment of the course outcomes in each course.
  6. The students are given feedback through online survey at the end of the program. The assessment of final attainment of program outcomes are based on student profiles like co-curricular, extra-curricular, placement and Higher Education.