Infrastructure - Chemistry Lab

          Welcome to the Chemistry Laboratory! This facility is dedicated to the pursuit of scientific knowledge through experimentation, analysis, and research in the field of chemistry. This laboratory is designed to support all the degree students who have chemistry as one of the subjects and to promote a safe and productive environment for learning and discovery. The chemistry laboratory serves as a hub for investigating the properties of matter, chemical reactions, and the principles that govern the composition and behavior of substances. It is here that students can explore the intricacies of chemistry, from basic chemical concepts to cutting-edge research.

           The lab assistant is responsible for the upkeep of laboratories, and the storekeeper takes care of the management of stocks and records, all of which fall under the oversight of the department head. Committees are established within each department to conduct annual stock verifications. Equipment calibration, modernization, and necessary updates are handled either by the manufacturer or authorized service agencies.

LAB-1 & LAB-2